Pure Imagination is a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate focused concept by Janice Wong. From a humble cacao pod, we invite you to tap into what our name suggests, as we explore every step of its journey to become the glorious bar you are about to enjoy today. We work closely with farmers who’ve become friends in cocoa-rich regions of the Philippines, Ecuador, Thailand, Colombia and Peru. Our ambitions in growing Singapore’s first bean-to-bar chocolate and developing new flavour frontiers through pushing the boundaries of fermentation and ageing seek to inspire your imagination.

Let us begin this untamed journey into Pure Imagination.


Bean to Bar Chocolate Journey 

Bean to Bar Chocolate

Collection of Janice Wong Pure Imagination's latest Bean to Bar Chocolates.  

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For the first time ever, Singapore will be home to a true tree to bar chocolate experience — an initiative spearheaded by award-winning chef Janice Wong and her team, who aim to plant 1,000 trees across the island. This is particularly exciting for a country that is land-scarce, and currently imports approximately 90% of food. Janice Wong Pure Imagination’s goal is to transform Singapore into a country known for artisanal chocolate. 

“When you think about chocolate in Asia, people generally think of Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. I’ve always been fascinated by the adaptability and creativity of chocolate as a medium and a craft, and it will be a years-long project to eventually fulfill our dream of a true made-in-Singapore, bean-to-bar chocolate,” says Chef Janice.